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                Many have become to believe that the use of the letter “X” in “Merry X-mas” is a secular instrument in the efforts to make Christmas less about Christ and more about materialism and profiting from seasonal sales. In fact, “X-mas” is actually a device known as a Christogram (a symbol of Christ) that predates the gaudy advertising clichés by centuries. First used in the 1500’s, “X-mas” has very respectable origins. The English letter X is the Greek letter Chi [kahy], which is the first letter in Χριστóς which is Christ in Greek. This is the source of the high-jacked Christogram that has been mistaken to be an affront against Christ and the celebration that is His namesake holiday, while it’s actually just a centuries old abbreviation (Oxford English Dictionary).

                While the first letter in the Greek Χριστóς is Chi (X), the second Greek letter is Rho [roh] (ρ) which is the English letter p. The name “Chi-Rho” is simply the first two Greek letters of Χριστóς (Χρ) and is Xp in English. To many, Xp is shorthand for Experience. So whether you choose to pronounce the brand name in Greek as “Chi-Rho” or in English as “Xp,” let’s share together and with others, a New Way to eΧρerience Christ.